Eagle Networking has been working on a wonderful idea for over 3 years now, and ask me to email everyone to let them know that the MPI system is now up and running. They have spoke with the people at the Amber Alert System and they have agreed that Mike's new system is an absolute must for everyone. What is the MPI system you ask? Well just being a customer I can tell you that this is a Personal Identification card, no bigger than your driverís license.

It is to be kept in your wallet or on your person at all times. To give an example, say you are driving out of town on business, God forbid you have an accident. Yes paramedics can look at your driverís license to find out who you are BUT the license doesnít have the vital information that they would need to treat you effectively. This card has all the information anyone would need, including your blood type, medical history, physical history, age, allergies to any medicines or other components, and many more vitals that Emergency Officials would need. The one thing about this program is the fact that it has an emergency contact number.

Another family member also has on their persons or somewhere in their possession an identical card in case yours is damaged and that way if you can not be identified, it is the perfect information for the police. There would be no scrambling around for recent photos or trying to think in a stressful situation what medicines or allergies or even what color eyes they have. There was a time we couldn't find our oldest daughter and called the police. When they came I was in shambles of course and was having a hard time dealing with the questions. By chance my husband had a duplicate MPI card of hers and just handed it over to the officer. He looked at it said thank you that was all he needed. My daughter was fine, just hiding out for a few days. Thank Heavens for that. Imagine the amount of stress taken off you in a very stressful time. This card is a must for everyone. If you would like the complete information please email us at xxx@xxx.com it's something you might not want to live without!

Thanks Eagle Networking and to all you readers!

P.S. Please Email This To You Friends And Family